Saturday, August 28, 2010

50 new things update

Well....................I haven't updated the 50 new things list for quite some time. Things have been crazy, crazy busy and I have been too pooped to attend to my blog. So, here it is. There are some big ones on here ...

1. FOUND A NEW JOB - great people, good place to work and God is teaching me all kinds of things through this experience. I think it's all about the people.
2. ENJOYED OUR 3yr OLD GRANDDAUGHTER LAST WEEKEND - She spent the night and she is busy, busy, busy and it was such fun to spend some time with her on her own. She's a hand full and is such a joy - hope to have many more times like this to share with her.

3. GOT  A BRAND NEW HAIRCUT AND COLOR TODAY - short and above my ears. Should have done it a while back. However, I did learn that my face has been subjected to gravity since the last time my hair was this short - talk about getting my attention. Oh well, it feels great.
4. I HAVE READ ABOUT 10 NEW AUTHORS - really great books and great stories and, the funny thing is, I chose them mainly because I liked the feel of their covers. I'm in the paper and printing business; so, I guess I'm more tactile than I realized. Anyway, great books.
5. WITH HELP FROM SEVERAL OTHERS, I STARTED A NEW WOMEN'S MINISTRY AT OUR CHURCH. It meets quarterly (we have met twice now) and it is called OFF on Friday - Oh For Fun on Friday. A good time to relax with other women, enjoy some good food, some fun entertainment and a spiritual thought, or two. So far, it has been a great success. The next is October 22, if anyone is interested. I love it!
6. JOE AND I BEGIN OUR DAYS BY PRAYING TOGETHER EACH MORNING. I know I mentioned this a while back. I can't tell you how this has made such a tremendous difference in how I start my day. It has strengthened our marriage and grounded us in the things that matter. It's awesome to share one heart over the things we take to the Lord. We've been doing this for several months now - really, since I lost my job in January. Since I have been back at work now for six weeks, it has been a little bit of a challenge since we get up at different times. But, we're working to make it work and I love that.
7. MADE ANOTHER AWESOME RECIPE the other night - I made it up and it was delicious. Butterfly pork chops with Raspberry Chipotle chutney, YUM!
8. I HELPED WITH VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL and soon learned this was NOT my calling. Despised every minute of it except when I was sitting on the floor with all of the age 3 and unders (4 or 5 of them) and we (they) were showing each other all of their boo boos - my favorite time of the entire week.
9. I BOUGHT NEW GLASSES AND SUNGLASSES.  It would be great if I could see out of them. I need to have a cataract removed; so, I will be adding that to my list, soon. Oh boy! And, Oh boy! again! I will also be having a colonoscopy soon - only, since I am now 50 - isn't that a great way to celebrate this milestone year in my life? More about that later - after (if) it happens.

I know there are other things to add to this list. I just can't remember them at the moment. I think I have hit most of the highlights. We've been busy with making adjustments to our lives and trying to determine what these changes mean for us and the opportunities that are new. I am very thankful that God surrounds us with His faithfulness and continues to walk along beside us as we make our way. His presence sure does make an incredible difference.

P.S. We have a couple at our church who will be getting married in October. I volunteered to take pictures for them. It will be a VERY simple wedding. Does anyone have any advise about how to make these shots more than just boring snapshots? I'm just really a point and shoot kind of photographer and I'd like to take some pics so it appears I know what I'm doing.  Any ideas are welcome. I'd like to provide them with some fun and interesting, maybe not so ordinary, pictures so they can remember this day with a smile. Thanks - I'm shooting with a Nikon D60 and I have about 6 weeks to practice.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Running to Daddy...

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There is a young man at our church who brings his three young children to the service regularly and faithfully. He has two daughters and a son and it always brings a smile to my face when they walk into the sanctuary. It is like those kids can't wait to get inside the door. The oldest daughter is about seven, her brother is five, or so, and the youngest is probably about three. They are a sweet family and I love to watch the way their Father loves them and is teaching them about God's love.

This little family has been coming to our church for about a year now. Every Sunday, when they are there, the children usually go to children's chapel during the bulk of the service. However, after the sermon and before we begin preparing for communion, our priest calls the kids back to the congregation. Every single time, the youngest daughter runs to her daddy and jumps into his waiting arms. She is so excited and thrilled to see him. As soon as she lays eyes on her father, she yells, "Daddy", and runs to meet him as fast as her little legs will carry her. I love this and, yes, it always makes me smile and usually makes me cry. Her expression of joy at the sight of her father fills her face and lights up her little eyes and her entire countenance. It is so sweet, so true and incredibly intimate. She acts as if she hasn't seen her father for years and, in reality, it has only been about 20 minutes or so. And, you can only imagine the joy on her Father's face as he hears his name and turns to see her running to him, then stoops down with open arms and waits to catch her and to gather her close with a hug and a kiss. I hope it is always like this for them.

I think this may be the way God must feel when we let go of all that holds us back and we run into His waiting arms. He must be so happy to catch us, to gather us to himself and to welcome us with a hug and a kiss. I love that image. I like to imagine the incredible grin on His face and to think about His arms holding me close. I like knowing He will never let go. It's the safest place I know - a place of comfort, a place of strength and a place of love.