Sunday, February 13, 2011

His Love Sings

I've redesigned my blog today and I'm just seeing how it fits. It's time for something fresh, new and with a little more creativity to spice up the page. I've been experiencing writer's block; so, it is my hope that this new "do", so to speak, will provide some much needed inspiration.

I've also changed the name of the blog to "His Love Sings". The new URL is So, please update your info so you know where to find me. You will no longer be able to find the blog at the dipsydoodle-dipsydoodle address.

Transition. I think that is what I've been experiencing this past year. Transition with my body, my health, my outlook on life, my spirit, my heart. It's wonderful, though. Change is good and exciting - I never know what is around the bend. And,  even though I resist it with both feet spiked into the floor, I've been accepting it as it comes and it's been rewarding. Change scares me, though. I'm comfortable in my skin, my habits and my life. But, staying with the old can make me stale and I don't want to be that way. So, no more tight fists for me. I'm opening my hands to accept the changes that God is providing, trusting that He knows best.

I've been reading Ann Voskamp's beautiful new book, One Thousand Gifts. It has been life-changing for me. She accepted a challenge from a friend to write down 1,000 things she is thankful for; and so, she began a heart-transforming journey. And now, I'm going to begin my list of "1,000 Gifts" - and my heart's desire is to recognize God's love in the everyday things I so take for granted. And, maybe He will teach me to see His love more clearly.

Change, acceptance, gratitude,  love,  JOY! - I'm on my way to a happy heart. Want to join me?

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