Tuesday, April 13, 2010

50 new things update

Well, it seems as if everyday of the past week or so has found me doing something new; so, here I go:

1. I have cooked Penne Pasta with shrimp - yum! (recipe from The Pioneer Woman cookbook)

2.   I have roasted potatoes on the grill prepared with every herb I have in my cabinet - yum! The good thing about preparing potatoes this way - they never taste the same and they are always great. It's a new dish every time I make it.

3. I am, with several others from my church, in the process of preparing the first of our Oh, For Fun (OFF) on Friday events - happens April 23rd - and we are so excited. It will be a fun time to connect and make new friends. This is just for the ladies. And, we've had lots of interest. The goal is 50 women and I already have 24+ commitments before invites even went out the door. And, something new - I actually designed and produced the invites, posters and flyers. Please forgive me for tooting my own horn. Seriously, a lot of people have provided a lot of hard work and love into this project and I am so thankful for the opportunity to begin this ministry. And, I'm thankful for all of the hands that have been a part of it. If you are in the neighborhood on the 23rd, stop in for a while - it's bring a friend and meet a friend night and we'd love for you to join us:

4. I planted my pansies in the planter next to my front door - I hope they grow. They are happy little flowers and smell great. The wind NEVER quits on the hill where we live; so, it is a lesson in tenacity and, sometimes frustration, that I keep trying to grow stuff.

5. As I was planting flowers yesterday, I hung out with a little lizard (5" or so - not as big as the one shown below) that was sunning himself on my porch. I'm glad my husband had warned me that we have a couple of these creatures lurking in our yard. Evidently, Joe believes they are skinks (sp). It has bright colored stripes from the tip of the nose to end of the tail. They grow anywhere from 5-10 inches long and the females are more brightly colored than the males. I thought that was interesting. I did, however, make it very clear to this lizard that I was not going to share space with it INSIDE my house. It has got to stay outside or very bad things will happen - to the lizard, maybe to my husband - and, not to me! Don't you think the front half looks like a snake? Yikes!

6. I went with a couple of folks from our church to the Harvester's food pantry to pick up food for our Necessity pantry. An amazing experience. I always wondered how it is possible to feed a family of four for a month, for $20 bucks. Now, I know. Harvesters is run very efficiently and I was very impressed. I was happy to see that a lot of the fresh produce and bakery items are donated by area grocery stores. I always wondered what happened to the stuff that was a couple of days old. I'm glad it doesn't go to waste.

7. I applied for a couple of jobs outside of my familiar line of work. I hope something comes through. I was a little disappointed last week that the two jobs I was SURE were going to come through for me did not even extend an offer. And, it was a long, long wait to receive that news. A very real lesson in humility. I believe this must be God's way of telling me to look for something different than what I know and what I am comfortable doing. So, we will see. Hope this job situation turns soon...however, we are still trusting God is opening the doors for us, directing us and is walking with us throughout this journey. UPDATE - As I was writing this very paragraph, the phone rang. I now have an interview Thursday at 9AM - Yippee! See, God always provides just when I am least expecting it. That is so cool! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!.

8. On Sunday, we went on the Parade of Homes tour with our friends. We saw some very beautiful homes for some very beautiful prices. Had a great time with our friends and laughed a lot.

9. We have a new member of our family. This past Sunday morning, my niece gave birth to a sweet baby boy - Welcome, Bobby William, to the family. It's going to be so fun to watch you grow. And, you have two awesome big sisters and a big brother to watch out for you! I love your big, baby cheeks.

10. My juddi bush (it's some kind of viburnum and, in my opinion, better than a Korean Spice Lilac) is blooming. It is beautiful and smells delicious - my favorite time of Spring is when this bush blooms. Actually, it blooms for only a very few days. Its fragrance is intoxicating and rides on the wind throughout our yard. Nothing better!

All in all, a good bunch of stuff to put on my list of 50. Opportunities provided every day by God who loves me and continues to shower me with His bountiful blessings. Joe and I will continue to praise Him in this storm and thank Him for His care.

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