Wednesday, May 19, 2010

50 New things update

Well, vacation brought about a lot of "new" things to add to my list and I have a few other things to add since I've been home. So, here goes:

I'm psyching myself up for this adventure.

1. I traveled a zip line through the canopy of the Mexican jungle - one line was 1/2 mile over a river that was far below. Just to be clear, I am not too excited about heights and I get vertigo very badly when I have nothing underneath me. However, I even went backwards with one of the guides - not on this long line, a much shorter one. It was so incredibly awesome. Of course, I was hooked securely to the zip line and the guides there made us feel very safe. The most difficult part was walking on rubbery legs to the next jumping off point and then hitching my "sexy leg" up (that's what they tell you - "sexy leg") so I could be hooked up without being goosed - I am so OUT OF SHAPE!

2. I rode in a cab in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - this was much scarier than the zip line, I assure you. There ARE stop signs in this city. However, I don't believe they are acknowledged by anyone - the streets are cobblestone and very narrow. There is a lot of traffic and they drive fast and stop slow and like to weave in and around other vehicles - and pedestrians. I'd rather get my adrenaline rush through the canopy of the jungle. Or walk - but that is scary, too, on those narrow roads (without any shoulder).

3. Joe and I enjoyed a back massage in a little hut by the beach - felt great. This was also Joe's first time to have a massage so he thought it was a pretty good thing. I'm hoping for many more massages in my future.

4. I watched Joe eat Octopus AND squid - I don't know why that grosses me out! I could hardly watch him take a bite. In fact, I don't think I did - Yuck! From the look on his face and his total concentration, he doesn't seem too awfully sure about the stuff, either. However, he says it tasted pretty good.

5. I sang Karaoke in public. This is usually just something I do in the privacy of my home. But, I thought - what the heck, I will never see these people again. So, Abbey and I sang a duet. We did justice to "Come Together" by the Beatles. I never knew that song had so many words.

6. I woke up each morning with the sound of the surf on the shore - pretty cool.

7. I had my hair colored and restyled yesterday. I like the cut. For some reason, these hair stylists can't seem to get my "natural color" to be correct - even with a picture. I went in with faded red/auburn hair with lots of grey and came out brown (but, without any grey - thank goodness) - go figure. I enjoy being red-headed since I have always had red hair. I was born with it. I don't know how to act with mouse brown hair - so, we will see. I have 5 more days to determine if I want something to be changed.

8.  We celebrated my grandson's 1st birthday. He loved the cake!

I think he's wondering if he's going to have to share - Ooohhh, this stuff is good!

By the end, he knew exactly what to do with that icing.

8. I discovered my soon-to-be 3 yr old granddaughter knows how to use our VERY expensive camera. She and her cousins visited the other night and, after they left, I found the camera under the bed in our guest room. We had a house with 8 adults and no one seemed to see the little one carrying the camera through the house. It is almost as big as her head. I think she is going to be famous one day for her photography. These are terrific shots. But, now that I am look at them, I think she may have had some help - she's not quite tall enough for some of these angles, hmmmm. I wish I knew what she was thinking when she took these...

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