Friday, June 25, 2010

Ode to Joy!

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Holy Cow! I just completed the book, Dancing with My Father - How God Leads Us into a Life of Grace and Joy by Sally Clarkson. I'm not certain and I think she wrote this book just for me - talk about a really rich book packed with all kinds of wisdom and important stuff I need to know. Here are just a couple of tidbits she shares that I have been pondering:
"..Trials are rarely over quickly, and God does not work on our preferred timetable... he is more committed to the process of our growth than to our immediate gratification. As we submit to his will, we will find that we were made or suited to find joy in that place."
"...The key to joy in the midst of trials is in knowing and believing that God is always good. Always."
"...I must remember and choose to believe that he is working even when I can't see him; that this test is the work of my life-my opportunity to have a testimony or story of his faithfulness. Then each day, each minute, I must turn my heart toward praise, thanksgiving, and rest, knowing that God is producing in me the character of Christ."
"...Worrying and fretting just squeeze our joy. I can't live in both worlds at once-the peace of Christ and the worry of the world-so I must turn my back on fear or dread and turn my face toward his promises as I wait in the knowledge of his grace."
"...I choose to turn my heart away from doubt and stand firmly in your light, expecting you to show me your plan!"
So, what do you think? See what I mean - good stuff, right?

Side note:  I'm off for a girl's weekend at the lake and am looking forward to some fun, sun and lots of laughing. So, as my 3-yr. old granddaughter likes to say as she runs to the car, "Peace out and I'm outta here."

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