Friday, March 5, 2010

A different perspective

I woke up yesterday morning with a stiff neck. I mean this kink is a real doozie. I can move my head to the left. I can look forward. I can look down. I can look up. And, that is about it. If I turn right, I have to turn my entire body and keep my head in a just-so position in order to see anything. Seeing that my peripheral vision isn't all the great to begin with, this little situation makes for some interesting walks down the hallway. I need bumper pads or a big inner-tube to wear around my middle to keep me safe.

In addition, I can walk up steps without any issue. However, to walk down steps makes me feel like my head is being pressed into the floor. I heard somewhere that the human head weighs something like 52 lbs. (well, maybe 7 lbs. is more accurate). I believe it to be true - the 52 lbs., that is. Anyway, this stiff neck business is crazy, frustrating; and, it has slowed me down.

I had plans the last couple of days to actually get out of the house and to do something fun and relaxing. I was going to browse my favorite little boutiques and antique stores. The sun has been brilliantly shining after 40 days of gloom and, by this crazy twist of fate, I am now stuck in this house - that is full of steps. Good Grief! I don't feel like it is safe for me to drive - I can't see to my right (without great pain and moaning) and I'm sure, turning the car that direction would involve hitting some curbs.

So, I have been nursing this condition along with heat, muscle relaxers (that are two years old and, most likely expired, that I found in my medicine cabinet) and with the cure-all for any muscle injury - Tiger Balm. Yeeoooowwwyyy! It's like fire gel. The theory is it is supposed to get hot after it is thoroughly rubbed into the skin, then it cools down a bit and works its magic. A few hours later you are supposed to be right as rain. I don't believe this particular description of how it works is truth in advertising. I put it on at 7:30 AM and it is now 10:32 AM and the skin on my neck is still steaming heat vapors. Plus, it stinks!

Last night, Joe and I were going to Arby's for a quick drive-thru dinner. I walked down the stairs to the garage - OUCH - and then proceeded to get into the car when I hit the left side of my head on the door jamb - talk about OOOUUUCH! I cried and cried and cried like a baby. All of my neck muscles revolted. Then, Joe asked me, "Are you OK?" - Interesting question, don't you think?

Anyway, this whole episode has provided me a new perspective and better posture. If there is something I don't care to see I can just position myself for it to be on my right side. I don't suppose this is going to last very long - at least, I can only hope.

A new perspective - I believe I could use one. Or, maybe just a good long nap filled with dreams of a flexible neck, answers to prayers and a big piece of chocolate cake with white icing. Or, maybe I should just remember that it's not necessary for me to be able to see the whole picture at all times and that as long as I can look up - it's all that really matters.

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