Friday, February 26, 2010

What to do with a full heart...

This has been a really great week - in spite of some scary stuff that has happened to our family. I won't go into the details here; however, suffice it to say, we are very thankful those we love are unharmed.

My question of the day is...what to do with a full heart? I guess I just have to share its fullness...

This entire week has been an incredible affirmation of God's extravagant love. I've had some great success with the job search and Joe and I are looking forward to good news before long. We are really trying to not count chickens before they hatch, put the cart before the horse, etc.; and, I'm struggling because it is difficult. We are trusting God to provide the wisdom we need to walk through the doors of His will as they are opened.

The sun is shining brightly today and the sky is finally blue! The temp today was actually in the low 40s, the snow is mostly gone. And, I know I definitely saw birds flying North - all promising signs that Spring teasers are on the way. Love it!

I was able to spend quality time with my Mom today and we got to laugh together, a lot - which was a blessing. I love to make her laugh!

We enjoyed a great dinner of ribs and sweet fellowship with our friends - even though both of the women at this gathering were somewhat hormonal - sorry guys! This week, I also was able to spend time with my good friend that I haven't seen for quite a while. It was a sweet time of sharing and laughing; and, I was able to appreciate how much I miss her and all of the times she has been a great support for me and has offered a listening ear.

And, I have heard from faithful friends (several) with voices of love and support - they never think this simple act of words is a big deal and it is huge. God continues to provide those special moments of encouragement when I need them the most. I don't know why this surprises me.

And, finally, Joe and I are so very blessed to be surrounded by family and friends that believe and are willing to take the chance that God hears their prayers. I'm so thankful for each of you.

Full Heart? Absolutely!

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