Friday, January 22, 2010

Be Still - and, stop rockin' the boat

Remember the story about Jesus and the disciples out on the sea and in a small fishing boat during a violent storm? I'm paraphrasing this and you can find the story in the Bible (Matthew 8:23). This story amazes me. The disciples freak out because the storm is bad, the waves are high and they are just certain they are going to drown. So they wake Jesus from a sound sleep to beg that He save them. It's kind of funny, really, because He just sort of shakes His head and tells them to relax (Oh, boy) and then He does what He does best. He calms everything and everyone down.

Joe and I were on a cruise last year and it was our first. The first day I got out of the bed, looked out the little round window and said something like - "Holy smoke - what have we done?" We were completely surrounded by water - calm water - and, NOTHING but water. I was completely and thoroughly intimidated. And, even though we were on a fairly large ship, it seemed to be awfully small in comparison to our surroundings. Did I mention we were surrounded by nothing but water, deep and powerful water?

I can't imagine being in a small wooden boat during a ferocious storm. I, too, would have been terrified, panicked and would be screaming - "Lord, save us, we are going to drown."

This week has felt a bit like being in a storm. Even though we are trying to be calm about my employment situation and to keep our wits about us; oftentimes, the waves of our circumstances have been somewhat overwhelming. The fear of not being able to meet our obligations, not being able to take care of our medical needs, not being able to enjoy the lifestyle we now enjoy, not being able to put food on our table - has paralyzed us for a moment - and, usually, for only a brief moment. That is when the words come to me: "Why are you so afraid? Relax! Keep your eyes on me and I will take care of all that you need".

It's comforting to know that Jesus is riding the storm with us. At times, it is hard to hear his voice through all of the rumblings around us. But, this we know - storms do not last forever and and then the sun will shine.

NEW THINGS:  I'm learning more and more about the internet and how it can be my friend or nemesis. I am humbled by the outpouring of support and love I have rec'd this week - amazing friends that are invested in walking this road with us. I came up with my very own recipe this week - Chicken with good sauce - how is that for a name - it was yummy! And I watched my daughter (the veterinarian) clean Hank's (he's our dog) teeth - pretty cool!

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